For Educators

Point Your Students Toward Their Future

WorldStrides has over 55 years of experience partnering with educators to bring learning to life. That’s how we know there’s nobody better to nominate students for our programs than their teachers.

Nominating a student to attend Veterinary Academy has life-changing potential. Our alumni and their parents strongly attest to the positive impact that WorldStrides programs have made in their lives, both inside the classroom and out. Even for students who don’t attend, your nomination is a vote of confidence that can give students the boost they need to persevere and aim higher.

Educator FAQS

Who is eligible to nominate students?

Any teacher, educator, or mentor who is interested in giving students an experiential learning opportunity outside the classroom is eligible to nominate.

How do I nominate students?

Visit our nomination page to submit the names of your most passionate students. You will need to provide each student’s name and a mailing address. We will send a formal enrollment invitation to your nominees & their families.

Who designs the program curriculum?

Our program curriculum is designed by educators. WorldStrides is proud to participate in the processes of educational accreditation just like a school, which affords our in-house educators the unique opportunity to create exciting educational content that includes our philosophy and pedagogical techniques.

Loop Abroad, our partner in Veterinary Academy, is a proud partner of the University of Findlay, whose qualified faculty members verify the academic integrity of their offerings. Loop Abroad is also a member of the Forum on Education Abroad, which develops Standards of Good Practice for study abroad providers.

Can I attend a program?

Programs are currently not available for educator observation.

How will students be supervised?

Student safety and well-being is our highest priority. Programs take place in a safe, controlled environment. Students are supervised by professionally trained staff members, including faculty advisors, teaching veterinarians, chaperones, security personnel, operations personnel, and program managers.

How is tuition funded?

Students are responsible for the cost of the program. WorldStrides offers a limited number of partial scholarships to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic merit, leadership achievement, and eligibility for our diversity, equity, and inclusion scholarship. Nominees who are interested in applying for a scholarship or fundraising have access to our comprehensive digital fundraising guide. Submission of a scholarship application is required to be considered for an award.