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See the world as you learn from leading conservationists and teaching veterinarians, and get a firsthand look at a life and career dedicated to caring for animals.

Sloths, elephants, and horses, oh my!

Forget boring summer camps! All of the Veterinary Academy programs offer endless possibilities to explore. You can care for stray dogs in Costa Rica, contribute to wildlife conservation efforts in Belize, connect with the public about the importance of habitat preservation at the Texas Zoo, or spend your spring break studying coral reefs.
Where in the world will your passion for animals take you?

Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Costa Rica

Experience the best of both worlds as you go behind-the-scenes at a stray dog clinic, practicing diagnostic testing and clinical lab rotations, and immerse yourself in the world of wildlife conservation as you shadow veterinarians rehabilitating animals that have been victims of wildlife trafficking.

Florida Reef Experience


Spend your summer working with The Reef Institute in Palm Beach as they assist in ongoing research and restoration efforts to preserve coral reefs and marine wildlife in Florida. You’ll practice valuable data collection and laboratory research skills like coral tagging and fish identification as you contribute to the conservation of a vulnerable ecosystem.

Rescue Center Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Enjoy nine days in the rainforest as you shadow teaching veterinarians and professional conservationists to rehabilitate animals that have been victims of wildlife trafficking. You’ll complete rotations in the on-site hospital and explore Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the most biodiverse spaces on Earth.

Wildlife Health & Conservation


Join wildlife conservation efforts when you live and learn at the Tropical Education Center, an outpost of the Belize Zoo in the Maya Forest Corridor. You’ll learn about current conservation techniques and work alongside local experts dedicated to preserving special species, including jaguars and howler monkeys.

Elephant Sanctuary & Dog Rescue


Now’s your chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll spend one full week practicing your clinical skills at a pet clinic in Chiang Mai. After that, you’ll head to the Elephant Nature Park, home to over 80 elephants rescued from inhumane working conditions, for a week of learning about and caring for these gentle giants.

Zoo Medicine & Management in Texas

The Texas Zoo

Now’s your chance to go behind-the-scenes at a working zoo and get hands-on experience working with a variety of animals, from the American Alligator to the Two-toed Sloth. Learn from teaching veterinarians and seasoned zoo professionals as you experience firsthand daily moments in a working veterinarian’s life.

Zoo Medicine & Management in Massachusetts

The Capron Park Zoo

Now’s your chance to go behind the scenes at a working zoo and get hands-on experience working with a variety of animals, from the Red Kangaroo to the White Lion. You’ll learn from teaching veterinarians and zookeepers about designing enclosures and animal enrichment activities.

Dog Sanctuary & Wildlife Rescue

Costa Rica

This is your chance to get once-in-a-lifetime experience running a clinic that is home to over 1,800 stray dogs. You’ll practice diagnostic testing and other stray animal care procedures alongside your teaching vet, plus participate in clinical lab rotations conducting ear and skin cytologies and developing post-surgery care plans.

Horse & Large Animal Medicine


Turn the community of local farms in Belize into your classroom when you spend a week helping a top veterinarian care for animals on local farms around San Ignacio. You’ll practice safe handling and animal restraint techniques, milk cows, take heart rates, and support your vet in providing vaccines.

Dolphin Conservation & Research

Costa Rica

Head out for the high seas when you spend a week working alongside an ongoing wild dolphin rescue project on the Osa Peninsula. You can look forward to splitting your time between the research boat and the lab where you’ll practice image analysis, perform necroscopies and shark dissections, and analyze biometric data.

Junior Veterinary Medicine

Washington, D.C.

Students will learn from teaching veterinarians about animal anatomy, canine first aid, and the ins-and-outs of veterinary school. They’ll also spend two half-days exploring the Smithsonian National Zoo to learn more about animal enrichment and enclosure design.

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